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P 2656 Student Cell Phone Usage

Developments in cell phone technology in recent years have resulted in enhanced communication opportunities. However, the use of cell phones in schools poses increasing risks of school disruptions, bullying, criminal activity, and academic dishonesty. As a result, beginning with the 2016-17 school year, student cell phones, digital cameras and similar electronic devices will be off during instructional time; administration and teachers may make exceptions to this rule where they deem it may be helpful to students in their classes and does not disrupt the learning of others. Cell phones and cameras will be banned in bathrooms and in dressing areas, including during extra-curricular activities. Students are not to take pictures or videos of faculty, staff or other students without their permission. Violation of this policy will follow the building handbook. Students granted a hardship may visit the office to use their cell phone for approved purposes. Telephones are also available in school offices for parents to contact their student for legitimate reasons.

Board Approved Date: August 24, 2016
Last Updated: August 2016