Crawford County R-II School District Board Policies


P 2220 Compulsory Attendance Ages

The Board of Education shall abide by the compulsory attendance laws of the state by requiring District resident students between the ages of seven and either seventeen years or successful completion of sixteen credits toward high school graduation, to attend school full time, with the exception of those students who may be excused from full-time attendance by the Superintendent. Individual petitions for any deviation from full-time attendance shall be considered by the Superintendent on the merits of the individual student's application and in compliance with state law and regulations. For purposes of this Policy, a completed credit toward high school graduation is defined as one hundred hours of instruction or more in a course.

Any student age seventeen years or older who drops out of school for any reason other than to attend another school, college or university, or to enlist in the armed services, shall be reported to the state literacy hotline office by the School District.

Last Updated: October 2009