Crawford County R-II School District Board Policies


R 1475 Permanent Memorials

The Board has found that truly extraordinary service rendered to the district and its students be honored by placing a single paver at one (1) of three (3) the designated locations.  Locations will be at Cuba High School, Cuba Middle School, and Cuba Elementary. Requesting parties will determine the location through the application and approval process.

Nomination process

  1. Any resident of the school district may nominate a potential honoree whose contributions to the Crawford County R-2 School District deserve special recognition. The nomination shall be made by completing the ‘Memorial nomination form’. 
    1. Forms will be made available at District Office.
    2. Once completed, forms will be submitted to the Superintendent.
    3. The board will be informed of receipt of a memorial nomination at the next regularly scheduled board meeting which occurs more than two (2) business days after the filing of such form with the Superintendent.
    4. Following receipt of the nomination, the Board president shall appoint a memorial nomination committee.
  2. Board of Education’s memorial nomination committee which will be comprised of two (2) board members, the superintendent, and applicable building principal will review each application based on the following criteria:
    1. The nominee’s name must have enduring significance to the students and district residents after passage of at least one (1) year.
    2. The quality and duration of the staff member’s number of years of service &/or student’s number of years in attendance / graduation must have been beneficial to the district.
    3. The nominee should have exhibited desirable personal characteristics that are worthy of emulation by others including honesty, humility, heroism, integrity, and other similar traits.
    4. The nominee should have demonstrated positive rapport with the residents and students of the district.
    5. Overall significance of contribution to the district.
    6. The nominee’s life, as well as the circumstances of his or her death, should have been exemplary and worthy of special recognition.
  3. The Memorial nomination committee shall make a written recommendation the Board of Education within the next two (2) regularly scheduled board meetings.
  4. The Board will consider, discuss, and evaluate the nomination and the committee’s recommendations during an open meeting or meetings. The Board will give due consideration to the committee recommendation, but the Board retains sole authority for the approval or rejection of a nomination.  Possible responses by the Board to a nomination may consist of one (1) of the following options:
    1. The Board may reject the nomination and deny the requested action.
    2. The Board may table the nomination and ask the committee to obtain additional information from the applicant or from other sources.
    3. The Board may delay action on the nomination pending some vent or passage of time as specified by the Board. The Board may also suggest that the applicant submit a new or amended form at a later date.
    4. The Board may approve the nomination and agree to an appropriate inscription to be placed on the paver.
  5. Upon approval:
    1. The Board or designee will provide a press release for publication in the local newspaper and other district communication channels stating the honoree’s name and reasons for the recognition.
    2. The proposing community person or group will be permitted to purchase the paver.
      1. All pavers will be at the expense of the nominating community person, group, and/or family.
      2. All pavers must be purchased from a district approved vendor.
      3. Pavers will be limited to the following:
        1. Basic dimensions, or size, will be 4”x8”.
        2. Information allowed on paver:
          1. “In memory of” or “Donated in memory of”
          2. Name
          3. Position title
          4. Dates/Years of service and/or years of attendance
    3. The proposing community person, group, or family may work with the Superintendent and/or applicable building principal to schedule a time for district maintenance to place the paver as well as a small reception once the paver is available for display.

*Except for events arising out of unprecedented catastrophe or other unforeseen, similar circumstances, no more than two (2) such honorees may be selected in any one school year.  However in the first year (2021-22) of policy implementation, the Board may elect to approve up to four (4) honorees.  Such limitation on number of honorees is solely to prevent dilution of the honor associated with such recognition.

**Memorial nomination forms will be accepted July – February for the current school year.  Forms submitted after February 10th annually will not be placed on the next Board agenda but will be returned; a form may be re-submitted the following school year for consideration.

Crawford County R-2 School District Memorial Nomination Form

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Board Approved Date: July 27, 2021
Last Updated: July 2021