Crawford County R-II School District Board Policies


R 2920 Interscholastic Activities and Athletics

Interscholastic competition for secondary school students shall be provided through a variety of activities and athletics. Students are allowed to attain the privilege of representing their school by meeting the standards of eligibility as set forth by the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA). These standards may include academic requirements, citizenship, age maximums, passing medical examinations and other items that are posted in the school and discussed by the coaches and sponsors with their students as well as mailed home to the parents/guardians of all student participants.

Interscholastic competition may be withheld from any student as a condition of discipline. Furthermore, all policies that apply to the regular school day apply also to interscholastic competition. Coaches and sponsors may establish policies for their groups in addition to those stated herein.

A student must be in attendance for the full day on days of extracurricular participation. Failure to do so will eliminate the student from practice or participation that day. Exceptions may be granted in special cases.

The following criteria will be followed:

  1. Students will meet the eligibility requirements set out by MSHSAA.

  2. Any student failing a class may be required to attend study sessions after school.

  3. Any student receiving an incomplete grade because of failure to promptly complete work will be placed on the ineligibility list. Incomplete grades resulting from illness or other special circumstances during the last week or two of a grade period may be exempted.

  4. Students displaying unacceptable citizenship behaviors may be suspended from participation.

  5. Each coach and sponsor will establish written guidelines for their groups. These guidelines shall be presented orally and in written format. A copy of such guidelines will be on file with the principal.

The interscholastic competition program is an integral part of the secondary schools and shall supplement the curriculum program by providing worthwhile experiences to students that will enable them to develop the attributes of good citizenship. These programs will be administered by the principal/designee.

Participation in interscholastic competition is for students in grades nine through twelve (9 - 12) as determined by the local area athletic conference and the MSHSAA.

Programs of interscholastic competition will be planned in accordance with MSHSAA regulations and conference rules, and will include programs reflective of student interest. All student members should participate insofar as feasible. Access shall be provided contingent on budgetary limitations and in accordance with District guidelines for the following:

  1. School facilities.

  2. Sponsors and coaches.

  3. Scheduling of meetings, practice times and games.

  4. Number of events at each level of competition.

  5. Equipment, supplies and services.

All faculty sponsors and coaches must hold a valid Missouri State Teacher's Certificate. Non-faculty head coaches must have as a minimum a four-year college degree and a valid Missouri Substitute Teaching Certificate. Non-faculty assistant coaches must have as a minimum a valid Missouri Substitute Teaching Certificate. Non-faculty head and assistant coaches must successfully complete the MSHSAA/NFHS Coaching Principles and Sports First Aid courses. Sponsors and coaches are required to follow all District regulations.

A student engaged in interscholastic competition must portray good citizenship in the school and community. He/she shall be required to be in conformance with all general school rules and regulations, rules established by the sponsors and coaching staff for the program in which he/she is participating, and conformance with the laws of the community.

The District's High School is a member of the MSHSAA. In all interscholastic competition matters, this school will adhere firmly to the rules and regulations of MSHSAA. The MSHSAA handbook will be considered a part of this regulation.

Regulations Governing Student Participation

A student must be under nineteen (19) years of age on or before July l preceding the opening of school, pass a medical examination and have parent/guardian permission. Ninth grade students must not be older than sixteen (16) years of age prior to July 1.

A student shall not be considered eligible while under out-of-school suspension. A student expelled or who withdraws from school because of disciplinary measures shall not be considered eligible for 365 days from the date of expulsion or withdrawal.

A student who is absent from school on the day of a interscholastic contest or on a Friday before an interscholastic contest on a Saturday will not be permitted to participate in said contest without a written release from the school principal.

Credit earned or completed after the close of the semester shall not count as having been earned that semester, except in case of a delayed final examination because of illness certified by a physician. Credit earned in summer school may count for or against the student's record for eligibility purposes if the classes are required for graduation from the local school. Students may count up to one (1) unit of credit for summer school toward establishing their eligibility for the fall semester. Summer school electives will not count toward eligibility.

A student shall not accept a cash or merchandise award in any competition in which MSHSAA member schools compete interscholastically. Awards for participation in nonschool competitions during the summer shall meet the same standards as awards given by schools during the school year.

The student must meet all other eligibility requirements of MSHSAA and the local area high school athletic conference.

Competition by students in organized nonschool-sponsored competition must meet the following conditions:

  1. During the season, a student who represents his/her school by competing in an interscholastic contest shall not compete as a member of a nonschool team or as an individual participant in an organized nonschool competition in that same contest.

  2. A student may compete in organized nonschool competition in other events in which MSHSAA member schools compete interscholastically if no school time is missed to compete, practice for, or travel to the site of nonschool competition; and if the student does not practice for or compete in the nonschool competition on the same date he/she practices or competes for the school.

District participation in interscholastic competition will be subject to approval by the Board.

Budgeting for the interscholastic competition program will include gate receipts and be incorporated into the general District budget. No expenditures for interscholastic competitions may be made in excess of those listed in the budget without approval by the Superintendent.


Student hazing is expressly prohibited by Board of Education policy. For purposes of this policy, hazing is defined as willful conduct directed at another student, whether occurring on or off school property, for purposes of initiation or admission to any school-related activity or athletic team. Conduct prohibited by this policy includes, but is not limited to, exposure or contact of genitals, buttocks, or breasts (female students), directly or indirectly through contact with undergarments; threats of physical harm; and infliction of physical or mental harm or humiliation.

Students found to have violated this policy will be subject to suspension/expulsion from school and suspension and exclusion from activities/athletic participation depending on the severity of the misconduct.

Nonstudents who participate or enable the hazing of students may be excluded from attendance at school activities and school athletic events. District employees, including sponsors and coaches who have knowledge of student hazing but fail to take corrective action will be subject to discipline up to and including termination.

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Last Updated: January 2003