Crawford County R-II School District Board Policies


R 4820 Employees with Communicable Diseases

If an employee has, or has been exposed to, an infectious or contagious disease or is reasonably believed to have an infectious or contagious disease the following guidelines apply:

  1. The employee may be required to undergo a medical examination at District's cost by a physician of the District's choosing.

  2. While a determination is made concerning the status of an employee, that employee may be placed on a paid leave of absence. Except in unusual circumstances such leaves will not exceed ten (10) days.

  3. If the employee is determined to be infectious or contagious, he/she will be required to take such leave as provided by Board policy until it is medically determined that the employee is no longer able to transmit the disease.

  4. Where a question exists concerning an employee's status, an individual assessment of the employee will be completed by a review team comprised of the employee's physician, a school nurse, a physician selected by the District, a county health official, the Superintendent and the employee's supervisor. Other individuals may be included, as is reasonably necessary and as designated by the Superintendent.

  5. The review team will consider all available medical evidence and will determine the employee's medical condition, the employee's ability to return to work and whether the employee's infectious status requires any restrictions on the employee's work assignment. Normally the team will be convened within seventy-two (72) hours of notice of the employee's contagious status. The employee's status will be reviewed thereafter as appropriate.

  6. The written determination of the review team is subject to an appeal to the Board of Education where determination shall be final.

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Last Updated: January 2003