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R 2310 Student Attendance (Middle School)

A student shall not miss more than six (6) days per semester.  It is the responsibility of the student to see that the requirements of the attendance policy are met, and all work missed is completed to the satisfaction of the teacher.

A letter will be sent home after a student’s 4th semester absence.  When a student misses more than 6 days in a semester, Saturday School may be used for recovery.  Parent contact will be made, as well as a possible juvenile referral.

If a student making passing grades misses more than six (6) days per semester grades may not be awarded for the class.  Before a final decision is made on denying credit to a student with excessive absences, the student will be afforded an appropriate due process hearing that is in accordance with Board policy and state law. Students falling below 85% attendance will automatically be referred to the Stoddard County Juvenile Office.

When absences occur, make-up work will be allowed. As a minimum, a student will be allowed an equal number of days to complete the make-up work as the number of days that were missed. (For Example, a student who is absent three days should have all work turned in by the third day that the student has returned to school.)  More time for make-up work may be granted in special circumstances by making arrangements with the teacher involved.

Parent/guardian notification confirming the reason for an absence must be presented prior to the absence or upon the student’s return.  For purposes of school notification, T.S. Hill Middle School will accept a parent/guardian phone call, fax, email, or letter/note.

Appeals/Hearing Process

If a student has violated the district’s attendance policy, he/she may receive failing grades.  The student will have an opportunity to appeal a decision to deny grades. A student and/or parent may appear before an appeals committee to explain the circumstances of the absences by presenting documentation that might have bearing on the decision.

The Middle School Appeals Committee is comprised of the building principal and four faculty representatives. The committee will review the facts and evidence presented by the student as related to the absence and will render a decision.  The decision of this committee will be considered final unless appealed in writing to the superintendent.  The decision of the superintendent will be considered final unless appealed in writing to the Board of Education. A written appeal to the Board of Education must be submitted at least one week prior to the next Board meeting.  The appeal will be presented to the Board along with the findings of the initial review committee and the superintendent.  A letter will be sent informing the appellant of the Board’s decision.


A student is considered tardy when:

  1. The student is not in the classroom with proper materials and in his/her seat in a reasonable amount of time.
  2. The student fails to bring classroom materials such as an AR book, textbook, gym clothes, binder, or classroom/art supplies and has to be sent to his/her locker for the materials.
  3. A student needs to leave the classroom during the instructional period to go to the restroom.

A student will receive after-school detention (ASD) on their third tardy and each subsequent tardy per class per semester.

A student that goes to the office, nurse, or counselor without notifying his/her classroom teacher or without notification from the office will be counted as tardy or absent for the specified class period.  Sixth grade tardies will not begin for approximately two weeks from the start of the school year.  Seventh and eighth grade tardies will begin approximately one week from the start of school year.

A student is considered tardy so long as he/she is not more than 10 minutes late for school.  First period begins at 8:16 a.m. so any student signing in after 8:26 a.m. may be given an unexcused absence instead of a tardy for the first period.


Truancy is a planned and deliberate absence from school and will not be excused under any circumstances.  Absence without acceptable reason, even with the consent of the parent/guardian, shall be considered as truancy if prior notification of the absence is not given to the administration.  

Leaving/ Returning to School

Dexter Schools are a closed campus.  If it is necessary for a student to leave school during the day, the parents/guardians should make arrangements with the school office.  A student and parent must sign out when leaving school and sign in when returning to school.

A student will not be released to older siblings or other family members without prior parental/guardian consent.


Failure to report to the office, regardless of the excuse presented after the absence will be an unexcused absence.  Notes for early dismissals must be presented in the principal's office when the student signs out.

Absence/Extra-curricular Events

A student who is absent on the day of a social, athletic, or other school-sponsored activity will not be allowed to participate in that activity unless prior arrangements have been made with the Middle School administration.  A student or athlete is required to attend school for one-half of a day before being eligible to participate in the activity or practice or attend the social, athletic, or school-sponsored event unless prior arrangements have been made.  A student who is sent home from school due to illness should not attend extra-curricular activities of the district.

A Middle School student should also have all fines, fees, and outstanding lunch balances paid before attending and participating in extra-curricular events.

Absentee Notes

A student who is absent from the building any period of the school day and his/her parent/guardian did not call and notify the office of the absence must report to the office as soon as he/she returns to school and present a written excuse for his/her absence signed by his/her parent or legal guardian.  The note from the parent or guardian should include:  the first and last name of the student, grade of the student, the specific reason for each day or period missed, signature of parent or legal guardian, and date.

Notes or appointment slips from counselors and doctors are accepted as excuses.

Perfect Attendance

A student is eligible for a perfect attendance certificate if his/her hourly average daily attendance is a 99.5% or above for the entire school year.


Suspension carries with it the potential forfeiture of whatever credit could have been earned during the suspension period.  There will also be a temporary or permanent loss of participation in extra-curricular activities.  A student whose conduct is judged to be detrimental to the student body may, on the recommendation of the principal and superintendent, be assigned to Alternative School.  A student whose conduct is judged to be detrimental to the student body may also be expelled from school on the recommendation of the principal, superintendent, and Board of Education.

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Last Updated: October 2018