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R 2310 Student Attendance (Southwest Elementary School)



It is very important for all children to be in regular attendance.  It is impossible for a child to make up all work missed because of absences.  Make-up work alone creates a hardship on both the student and the teacher.  The best school work cannot be done unless attendance is regular and punctual.

A student shall not miss more than six (6) days per semester even if the absence is excused pursuant to district policy. It is the responsibility of the parents and student to see that the requirements of the attendance policy are met, and all work missed is completed. When a student misses more than 6 days in a semester, parent contact will be made, as well as a possible juvenile office referral.  

Students missing more than 12 days in a school year without extenuating circumstances may be recommended for summer school and/or be subject to retention.

If a student making passing grades misses more than six (6) days per semester, grades may not be awarded. Before a final decision is made on denying promotion to a student with excessive absences, the student will be afforded an appropriate due process hearing that is in accordance with Board policy and state law.

Verify Absence

Please notify the school office to verify student absences the day of the absence.  For purposes of school notification, Southwest Elementary School will accept a parent/guardian phone call, fax, email or letter/note the day the student returns. All doctor, dental, and/or counselor notes should be turned into the classroom teacher the day the student returns.

Upon returning to school, students should request the privilege of making up work missed during their absence.  

If a student is ill at home and unable to come to school, we ask parents to abide by the following procedure:

  1. If your child is absent, you will receive an automated phone call asking you to contact the office.
  2. The homework may be picked up after 3:15 each day outside the general Office area on the bookshelf.
  3. A parent request for homework should be made to the office by 10:30 a.m.
  4. A student will be allowed to remain indoors as a result of illness or injury if a parent note is provided.  However, after a three day period of remaining indoors, a note from a physician is required in order for the student to remain inside during recess.

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Last Updated: October 2018