P 2210 Entrance Age

Entrance Age for Pre-Kindergarten Programs

If the District chooses to maintain a pre-kindergarten program, the students must have reached the age of three (3) before August 1 of the school year beginning that calendar year to be eligible for admission.

Entrance Age for Kindergarten

To be admitted to kindergarten or to summer school prior to the student's regular term, a student must be five (5) years old before August 1st preceding entrance.

Entrance Age for First Grade

To be admitted to first grade a student must be six (6) years old before August 1st preceding entrance. However, students who have completed an accredited kindergarten program will be considered for enrollment in the first grade regardless of the August 1st cut-off date.

A birth certificate will be required as proof of age.

Military Dependants

Military dependants who have completed an accredited pre-kindergarten or kindergarten program in another state may enter kindergarten or first grade regardless of age.  The District will facilitate the timely enrollment of children of military families and will ensure that they are not placed at a disadvantage due to difficulty in their transfer of education records from the previous school district(s) or variations in entrance legal requirements.

Last Updated: July 2014