P 4720 Suspension or Termination: Support Staff

Non-Contractual Employees

Individuals employed without a contract are subject to suspension and dismissal at any time. The Superintendent is authorized to suspend such employees with pay subject to Board review. In addition, the Superintendent may recommend the suspension without pay or termination of non-contractual employees to the Board of Education.

Contractual Employees

During the term of the employment contract, a support staff employee may be suspended with pay pending review of the Board. Prior to suspension or termination, such support staff employees will be informed of the reason for discipline and will be given an opportunity to respond to those reasons. Upon request of the employee, a meeting with the Board of Education will be scheduled to review the recommendation for suspension or dismissal. Contractual employees, who are not offered a new contract, are not entitled to meet with the Board of Education. However, in such situations, the employee may review the nonrenewal with the Superintendent/designee.

Last Updated: January 2003