R 2310 Student Attendance

The Board of Education has established the following rules and regulations regarding attendance, absences and excuses for students. These rules and regulations are intended to comply with Missouri Compulsory Attendance Law (167.031 RSMo.) which establishes compulsory attendance for all children between the ages of seven and sixteen unless their education is provided by other acceptable means or otherwise excusable under the law.

Excusable Absences

In case of absence, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify the school. If the school is not notified on the day of absence, a note from the parent/guardian will be required on the first day of the student's return to school. The absence will be recorded as unexcused if a note or telephone call is not received.

Excusable absences include, but are not limited to:

  1. Illness of the student (Doctor's statement may be required to support such absences).
  2. Days of religious observance.
  3. Death in the family (Each District shall define degree of relatedness required to excuse absence).
  4. Family emergencies which necessitate absence from school. The school must be notified in advance when such absences are foreseen. (Each District shall define degree of emergency required to excuse absence).

The following procedures should be followed by students who are absent so as to prevent academic difficulties:

  1. The student shall obtain assignments from appropriate staff members.Assignments shall be obtained in advance if the absence is foreseen.
  2. All assigned work shall be submitted upon returning to school.
  3. All classroom work (to include tests) shall be completed as indicated by the individual classroom teacher.

Unexcused Absences

Attendance patterns for all students will be monitored.  Absences which are not clearly excusable will be investigated by the principal and/or staff, and appropriate action will be taken:

 (Disciplinary Option)

  1. After a student has been absent for three (3) consecutive days, it is the building principal's responsibility to contact the parent/guardian by telephone or letter in order to inquire about the reason for the student's absence.
  2. If the principal is unable to contact the parent/guardian within three (3) days or the parent/guardian does not give a reasonable explanation for the absence within three (3) days, the building principal shall send a registered letter to the parent/guardian requesting a conference within a week.
  3. If the parent/guardian does not contact the principal within a week of receipt of the registered letter, the building principal will make a referral to the proper legal authorities.
  4. The building principal shall also notify the office of the Superintendent in writing of the excessive absence and continue to update the Superintendent on the situation.

Excessive Absences

Elementary Students and Middle School Students

A student shall be allowed sixteen (16) days per school year.  Excessive absences, excused or unexcused, have a detrimental effect upon academic progress and may be one factor considered in promotion/retention decisions.

High School Students

A student shall be allowed a maximum of eight (8) absences from any class during a semester.  Students who accumulate in excess of eight (8) days in any class are subject to loss of credit for that class.  (Days of student suspension are not counted as days absent for purposes of this policy.)

When unusual or extreme circumstances occur, exceptions to this stated policy will be made only by administrative discretion on an individual basis.  Any absence not accounted for will be considered an unexcused absence.

Any absence from class as a result of a school-sanctioned activity is not recorded as an absence for purposes of this policy.  Example:  field trip, athletic event, student activity, etc.  It is the student's responsibility to remind all of his/her teachers following a school-sanctioned absence to use the attendance correction form if he/she was reported absent inadvertently.

(Disciplinary Option)                                                                                                                     

A student is expected to make up work as a result of class periods missed.  It shall be the student's responsibility to meet with the teacher and receive the necessary instructions and assignments.

Any exceptions to the items cited above shall be approved by the Board of Education.                                                                                                          

Each principal may have written policies which further detail procedures for making up work, reporting absence, etc.


High school students who are denied credit under this Regulation are entitled to utilize the due process procedures available for student suspensions.  These provisions are contained in Regulation 2662 - Suspension.

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Last Updated: November 2017