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P 2656 Student Cell Phone Usage

Developments in cell phone technology in recent years have resulted in enhanced communication opportunities and are an integral part of today’s society.  While cell phones can and are a useful tool, the use of cell phones in schools poses increasing risks of disruptions to the educational process, bullying, criminal activity, and academic dishonesty.  Therefore, all cell phones must be turned off/silenced during class time unless the instructor allows use of the cell phone during class.  Phones are to be shut off/silenced and placed in the safe place provided and/or approved by the instructor. 

Violation of this policy will result in the instructor confiscating the phone and then proceeding as outlined in student handbooks.  Consequences resulting from violation of this policy can range from phone confiscation/loss of phone privileges to out of school suspension.  Cell phones, cameras, and all other recording devices are prohibited in locker rooms and restrooms at any home and away restroom or locker room.  The school and its employees are not responsible for damage or loss of cell phones or electronic devices brought to school.  Telephones are available in school offices for parents to contact their student for legitimate reasons.

Last Updated: October 2018