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P 4873 Staff Cell Phone Usage

The Otterville R-VI School District encourages district employees to use technology, including cell phones, to improve efficiency and safety. The district expects all employees to use such devices in a responsible manner that does not interfere with the employee's job duties. Employees who violate district policy and procedures regarding cell phone use may be disciplined, up to and including termination, and may be prohibited from possessing or using a cell phone while at work. Cell phones may not be used in any manner that would violate the district's policy on student-staff relations.

Cell Phone Use

The district prohibits any employee cell phone use that interrupts or disrupts the performance of duties by the employee or otherwise interferes with district operations, as determined by the employee's supervisor. This prohibition applies regardless of whether the cell phone used is owned by the employee or provided by the district. Supervision of students is a priority in the district, and employees who are responsible for supervising students must concentrate on that task at all times. Employees shall not use a cell phone when they are responsible for supervising students unless any of the following conditions occurs:

  1. There is an emergency.
  2. The use is necessary to the performance of an employment-related duty at that particular time and cannot be avoided.
  3. The employee has received specific and direct permission from a supervisor. Supervisors shall limit such permission to unusual circumstances.

Even when these conditions exist, the employee is responsible for obtaining assistance in adequately supervising students during the approved use so that students are supervised at all times.

Bus drivers and other employees driving district vehicles are prohibited from using cell phones, iPads, and related electronic devices while driving. If an emergency occurs, the vehicle should be parked and remain parked in a safe location during the use of the electronic device. Electronic Devices should NOT be used while supervising students who are entering or exiting a vehicle, crossing thoroughfares or otherwise safely reaching their destination.

Last Updated: July 2012