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R 1480 Public Complaints

Seeking Solutions

The Board recognizes that situations of concern to parents, guardians or the public may arise in the operation of the District. Such concerns are best resolved through communications with the appropriate staff member, teacher, principal or superintendent.

The following steps are proper procedure:

  1. Matters concerning individual students, teachers, coaches should first be addressed to the teacher or coach.
  2. Issues not satisfactorily resolved with the teacher or coach should be discussed with the principal/Athletic Director.
  3. Issues not satisfactorily resolved by discussion with the principal/supervisor may be brought to the superintendent.
  4. If the complainant is not satisfied with the superintendent's decision, the complainant may file a grievance with the Board through the Superintendent at the next regular Board meeting.

Upon receipt of a written signed statement of grievance and/or request for a hearing, the Board will ask for written reports pertaining to the problem from, (a) the person against whom the complaint is lodged, (b) the school administrator involved, (c) the Superintendent, and (d) the complainant, in advance of the meeting.

If the Board approves a hearing, the date for such hearing will be set, and the Superintendent will advise the complainant.

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Board Approved Date: February 18, 2015
Last Updated: January 2017