P 2240 Admission and Tuition - Nonresident Students

Nonresident students may be permitted to attend the District schools upon payment of tuition provided the student is not barred from enrollment by provisions of the Safe Schools Act. (See Policy 2664.) Tuition rates will be determined annually by the Board of Education on the basis of the per-pupil cost for the preceding year including operation, maintenance, and debt service of the schools.

Within two (2) business days of enrollment in the District by state officials of a nonresident student pursuant to state statute, the Superintendent/designee will request the student's transfer and discipline records from all schools or facilities previously attended and from other state agencies and entities involved in the placement of the student within the twenty-four (24) month period preceding enrollment. The Superintendent/designee is authorized to share relevant portions of such student's transfer and discipline records with District employees who, based upon their duties, have a need to know such information. Such records will be maintained in confidence for purposes of maintaining discipline and for assistance to the student. The student's transfer and discipline records will not be a part of the student's permanent record nor used as the sole basis for denying educational services to a pupil.

Admission of Residents from Unaccredited School Districts

In accordance with Missouri law and Board Regulation, the District will accept transfer students from school districts in its same or adjoining counties that are declared unaccredited by the state of Missouri.

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Board Approved Date: September 13, 2023
Last Updated: July 2013