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P 4715 Early Resignation Incentive: Certificated Staff Only

The growing shortages have placed a great demand on the School District to fill vacancies with qualified personnel. To this end, professional employees who for any reason intend to retire or resign are encouraged to indicate their plans in writing to the Board as early as possible. As a reward to those individuals notifying the School District in a timely manner, the Rock Port R-II Board of Education has instituted an incentive for early notification of resignation and/or retirement.

The board has established two tiers of incentives for early notification:

All of the following criteria must be met to receive the early resignation incentive:

  1. A formal resignation must be submitted to the Superintendent of Schools on or before the day and time specified.
  2. The employee must complete all check out procedures with their building principal at the conclusion of the school year.
  3. After all building check out procedures are complete, the employee will receive the appropriate incentive check on the same day they receive their regular June paycheck.
  4. Payment of the incentive will be made following all requirements of the Missouri School Retirement System and State and Federal tax laws.

For the purpose of this policy certificated employees shall be defined as administrators and teachers whose salary is determined by the district’s salary schedule.

Last Updated: July 2015