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P 4505 Salary Schedules

All non-administrative support employee groups will receive the average percent increase of all returning certificated teaching personnel. This calculation will be based on the salary schedule placement used in the adoption of the June preliminary budget. The Superintendent, with input from staff members, may present other salary considerations annually for all non-administrative support employee groups. These schedules will be submitted to the Board of Education for approval. (See also Policy 4131 - Extra Duty and Extended Duty Contracts.) Salary recommendations for all administrators will be based upon the same average percent increase of all returning certificated teachers' average increase. A variety of factors, including, educational preparation, years of service within the District, and within public education, years of service as an administrator at each administrative level, years of service within the District, regional comparisons to similar districts, number of contracted days, administrative responsibilities, and salaries of other District administrators within category - building and central office may also be considered. Consideration will be given to administrators' previous salary for all newly hired administrators.

Last Updated: November 2007