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PR 2610 Misconduct & Disciplinary Consequences

The discipline code set out in this regulation is intended to be illustrative but not an exclusive listing of acts of misconduct and the consequences for each. Misconduct which is not specifically listed in this regulation may be deemed to warrant discipline up to and including expulsion following provision of all due process procedures. In addition, the disciplinary consequence listed for each offense may be increased or decreased by the Administration or the Board of Education due to mitigating or aggravating circumstances.

Copies of this regulation or the student handbook which includes the code of student conduct and disciplinary consequences, as well as the District's corporal punishment policy, if any, will be provided to each student at the beginning of each school year. Copies of these documents will also be available for public inspection during normal business hours in the Superintendent's office.

Alcohol - Possession of or presence under the influence of alcohol regardless of whether the student is on school premises

First Offense: 1

Subsequent Offenses: 2

Arson - Intentionally causing or attempting to cause a fire or explosion

First Offense: 3

Subsequent Offenses: 4

Assault - (Refer to Policy and Regulation 2673- Reporting of Violent Behavior)

Assault of a Student or Staff Member - Use of physical force with the intent to do bodily harm.

First Offense: 5

Subsequent Offenses:6

Bullying - Intentional intimidation or infliction of physical, emotional, or mental harm (see Policy 2655).

First Offense:

Subsequent Offenses:

Fighting - Physically striking another in a mutual contact as differentiated from an assault.

First Offense: 7

Subsequent Offenses: 8

Defiance of Authority - Refusal to obey directions or defiance of staff authority

First Offense: 9

Subsequent Offenses: 10

Disruptive Behavior - Conduct which has the intentional effect of disturbing education or the safe transportation of a student

First Offense: 11

Subsequent Offenses: 12

Drugs/Controlled Substance

Possession or presence under the influence of a controlled substance or substance represented to be a controlled substance while at school, on the school playground, on the school parking lot, a school bus or at a school activity whether on or off of school property.

First Offense: 13

Subsequent Offenses: 14

Sale of a controlled substance or substance represented to be a controlled substance while at school or at any of the locations described above.

First Offense: 15

Subsequent Offenses: 16

Prescription Medication

Possession of a prescription medication without a valid prescription for such medication on school premises or on a school bus.

First Offense: 17

Subsequent Offenses: 18

Distribution of prescription medication to any individual who does not have a valid prescription for such medication on school premises or on a school bus.

First Offense: 19

Subsequent Offenses: 20

Extortion - Verbal threats or physical conduct designed to obtain money or other valuables

First Offense: 21

Subsequent Offenses: 22

Firearms and Weapons (Refer to Policy and Regulation 2620 - Firearms and Weapons in

Possession of a firearm or weapon

First Offense: 23

Subsequent Offenses: 24


First Offense: 25

Subsequent Offenses: 26

Improper Display of Affection - Consensual kissing, fondling, or embracing

First Offense: 27

Subsequent Offenses: 28

Improper Language

Threatening Language - Use of verbal, physical or written threats to do bodily harm to person or personal property.

First Offense: 29

Subsequent Offenses: 30

Use of Obscene or Vulgar Language - Language which depicts sexual acts, human waste, and blasphemous language

First Offense: 31

Subsequent Offenses: 32

Disruptive or Demeaning Language or Conduct - Use of hate language to demean other persons due to the race, gender, disability, natural origin, or religious beliefs. This provision also includes conduct, verbal, written, or symbolic speech which materially and substantially disrupts class, school activities, transportation, or school functions.

First Offense: 33

Subsequent Offenses: 34

Inappropriate Sexual Conduct

Physical touching of another student in the area of the breasts, buttocks, or genitals

First Offense: 35

Subsequent Offenses: 36

Use of sexually intimidating language, objects, or pictures.

First Offense: 37

Subsequent Offenses: 38

Indecent Exposure - Includes display of breasts, buttocks and genitals in a public

First Offense: 39

Subsequent Offenses: 40

Theft - Nonconsensual taking or attempt to take the property of another

First Offense: 41

Subsequent Offenses: 42

Tobacco - Possession or use of tobacco or tobacco products

First Offense: 43

Subsequent Offenses: 44

Truancy - Absent or tardy from class or classes without authorization (See also Policy and Regulation 2340 - Truancy and Educational Neglect.)

First Offense: 45

Subsequent Offenses: 46

Vandalism - Intentional damage or attempt to damage property belonging to the
staff, students, or the District

First Offense: 47

Subsequent Offenses: 48

Last modified: January 05, 2018
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