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P 0320 School Board Elections

The qualified voters of the School District shall annually on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of April, elect two directors for terms of three years, except, effective for Board elections beginning in April of 1993, and each three years thereafter, when three directors shall be elected in compliance with regulations specified in state law.

An election shall not be held if the number of candidates who have filed for the Board is equal to the number of positions available.  However, if no election would be held due to the number of candidates equaling the number of vacancies, the District will publish a notice containing the names of the candidates who will assume a Board directorship absent an election.  This notice will be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the District on or by March 1 prior to the scheduled election.

Qualified Voters in the School District

An individual must be a registered voter in order to vote in a school election. In order to vote, a person must be eighteen (18) years of age or older, must be a citizen of the United States, and must reside in the School District thirty (30) days.

Candidate Qualification  - Method of Filing

Qualified applicants for the Board may file for office beginning at 8:00 a.m. in the Superintendent's office commencing on the sixteenth (16th) Tuesday prior to the election and ending at 5:00 p.m. on the eleventh (11th) Tuesday before the election. The candidate shall declare his/her intent to become a candidate, in person and in writing to the secretary of the Board of Education. The names of qualified candidates shall be placed on the ballot in the order of filing. The notice of election and certification of candidates must be submitted to the county clerk by the tenth Tuesday prior to the election. Candidates must comply with all of the prevailing laws concerning eligibility and campaign financing.

A candidate who files for one vacancy and later decides to run for another shall be positioned on the ballot according to the time when his/her change of declaration is received by the secretary of the Board, not on the basis of when the first petition was filed.

Candidates must be citizens of the United States and resident taxpayers of the District, reside in his/her state for one year next preceding their election or appointment, and be at least twenty-four (24) years of age. Candidate must also complete a notarized copy of Missouri Department of Revenue Form 5120 (MCE Form 0320) attesting that the candidate is not currently aware of any delinquency in the filing or payment of state income taxes, personal property taxes, municipal taxes or real property taxes on the candidate’s place of residence provided on the Department of Revenue Form 5120.  The candidate must further attest that they are not a past or present corporate officer of the office that owes any taxes to the state, which are not in dispute.  Failure to accurately complete and file Form 5120 with the Department of Revenue may disqualify a candidate from the ballot.  Each newly elected or appointed director shall qualify and take his/her oath of office in the manner prescribed by law and according to Policy 0330 - Oath of Office.

No person may be a candidate for a position on the Board if such person is registered as a sex offender, or is required to be registered as a sex offender under state law.  Any Board member who is likewise required to register, or who is registered as a sex offender under state law will immediately be requested by the Board to resign from the Board.  Should such Board member refuse to resign, the member will be ineligible to serve as a Board member at the end of his/her term.

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Last Updated: January 2015