Zalma R-V


P 1210 School Year and School Day

The Board will annually adopt a school calendar that will provide for a minimum of 174 days and 1,044 hours of pupil attendance. The beginning of the school year will not generally be set more than ten (10) days prior to Labor Day. Should the Board decide to set an earlier start date, the Board will:

The length of the school day will meet State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education requirements for six (6) clock hours of instruction. A school year and school day in excess of the state required minimum may be recommended by the Superintendent and approved by the Board. At the option of the Board, the District may operate its schools on a four day school week with a minimum of 142 school days and 1044 hours of pupil attendance. Should the Board adopt a four day school week, the District will file a calendar with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

If the District's schools are dismissed due to inclement weather after school has been in session for three or more hours, that day shall count as a full day, including kindergarten. When the total hours lost due to inclement weather exceed twelve (12) hours, the time must be made up in half- or full-day additions to the school term.

The District shall be required to make up the first six (6) school days lost or canceled due to inclement weather and half the number of days lost or canceled in excess of six days. For purposes of this Policy, "inclement weather" shall mean ice, snow, extreme cold, flooding or a tornado, but not excessive heat.

Last Updated: October 2009