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P 4120 Employment Procedures

The Board of Education, upon recommendation of the Superintendent, votes on the employment of all staff members. In approving applicants the Board will be guided by the desire to obtain individuals committed to providing the highest quality education for the District's students. For Title I staff qualifications and hiring, refer to Policy and Regulation 1621 - Title I.

No person will be employed by the Board until the District obtains a clear criminal records check and a clear check of the Child Abuse/Neglect Registry maintained by the Missouri Department of Social Services. Similarly, all persons employed by outside vendors/contractors who will have contact with students will be required to successfully undergo a criminal records and a clear check of the Child Abuse/Neglect Registry prior to contact with students. Such background checks will be performed at the vendors/contractors' expense and will, upon request, be shared with the District. All finalists for an employment position will be required to sign a release of liability authorizing prior employers, including school districts, to furnish any information about the applicant and the applicant's work performance, including but not limited to discipline records and performance evaluations. The administration may also conduct random background checks after employment. Failure to check references and prior employment for new hires prior to their start date may result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension without pay.

As part of the criminal records check, any person employed after January 1, 2005, shall submit two sets of fingerprints to be used by the Missouri Highway Patrol and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The fingerprints shall be collected pursuant to standards determined by the Missouri Highway Patrol.

All vacancies should be posted for a minimum of ten (10) school days before the Superintendent may recommend a qualified applicant to the Board for employment. In an emergency situation the Superintendent may temporarily employ an applicant prior to the expiration of the posting. The temporary applicant may be considered along with other applicants for the position after the ten days. However, in order to hire a Board member's spouse, the position must have been advertised. (Refer to Policy 0342 - Nepotism, Conflict of Interest and Financial Disclosure.)

The Superintendent or his designee is the person who shall respond to requests from potential employers for information regarding a former District employee. The information the District should provide is title, position, length of employment, whether the employee was terminated or resigned, and whether the District would re-hire the employee.

Additionally, when requests for information regarding a former employee against whom allegations of sexual misconduct involving a student have resulted in the employee being terminated or resigning in lieu of termination, or allegations of sexual misconduct have been substantiated by Children's Division, the Superintendent or his designee shall disclose the allegations of sexual misconduct and the findings of a CD investigation when responding to requests for information to a potential public school employer .

Any school district employee who is permitted to respond to requests for information, acting in good faith, who reports authorized information, as provided in this policy or, who, in good faith, reports alleged sexual misconduct on the part of a District employee, will not be disciplined or discriminated against because of such report.

This foregoing policy is intended to comply with the Amy Hestir Student Protection Act, Senate Bill 54, including section 162.068 RSMo. The District shall provide notice of this policy to all current employees and to all potential employers who contact the District regarding the possible employment of a District employee.

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Last Updated: August 2011