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R 1520 School District Annual Report

The Board of Education will annually issue a report to each household with a student enrolled in the District. Copies of the School Accountability Report Card shall be available at all school or administrative buildings and shall also be distributed to all media outlets serving the District. The School Accountability Report Card for each school building will include the following information:

  1. Enrollment.

  2. Rates of pupil attendance.

  3. High school dropout rate.

  4. Staffing ratios, including the District ratio of students to all teachers, to administrators, and to classroom teachers.

  5. Average years of experience of professional staff and advanced degrees earned.

  6. Student achievement as determined through the assessment system developed pursuant to section 160.518.

  7. Student scores on the SAT or ACT, as appropriate, along with the percentage of students taking each test.

  8. Average teachers' and administrators' salaries compared to the state averages.

  9. Average salaries of non-certificated personnel compared to state averages.

  10. Average per pupil expenditures for the District as a whole and for each attendance center in the District.

  11. Voted and adjusted tax rates levied.

  12. Assessed valuation.

  13. Percent of the District operating budget received from state, federal, and local sources.

  14. Number of students eligible for free or reduced lunch.

  15. School calendar information, including days of student attendance.

  16. Parent-teacher conferences and rates of participation.

  17. Staff development or in-service training.

  18. Data on course offerings.

  19. Special education programs.

  20. Early childhood special education programs.

  21. Parents as teachers programs.

  22. Vocational education programs.

  23. Gifted or enrichment programs.

  24. Advanced placement programs.

  25. Data on the number of students continuing their education in post secondary programs.

  26. Information about job placement for students who complete District vocational education programs.

  27. District's most recent accreditation by the state Board of Education, including measures for school improvement.

  28. Rates, duration of, and reasons for suspensions of ten (10) days or longer and expulsions of students.

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Last Updated: January 2003