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R 2673 Reporting of Violent Behavior

All school employees are required to notify their immediate supervisor if they have reason to believe that a student or District employee has committed any of the offenses set out below, has physically or sexually abused any District student, or has possessed a controlled substance or weapon in violation of District policy. The principal will immediately report to the appropriate law enforcement agency and to the Superintendent/designee any instance where a student is found to be in possession, on their person or in their possession, of any weapon defined in Regulation 2620 or of controlled substances, or is found to have placed such substances elsewhere on school premises. For purposes of this regulation, "school premises" shall be defined to include school property, school playgrounds, school parking lots, school buses, or at school activities whether on or off school property.

Reportable Offenses

  1. First degree murder
  2. Second degree murder
  3. Kidnapping
  4. First degree assault
  5. Forcible rape
  6. Forcible sodomy
  7. Burglary in the first degree
  8. Burglary in the second degree
  9. Robbery in the first degree
  10. Distribution of drugs
  11. Distribution of drugs to a minor
  12. Arson in the first degree
  13. Voluntary manslaughter
  14. Involuntary manslaughter
  15. Second degree assault
  16. Assault (except as provided in the Agreement contained in Form 2673)
  17. Felonious restraint
  18. Property damage in the first degree
  19. Possession of a weapon
  20. Child molestation in the first degree
  21. Deviate sexual assault
  22. Sexual misconduct involving a child
  23. Sexual assault

Teachers and other authorized personnel who report violent acts or threats of violent acts to their supervisors in compliance with state law and in conformity with District policies have civil immunity. Teachers and other authorized personnel who act in conformity with the District's discipline policies and regulations also have civil immunity.

Records of Serious Violations

The Superintendent/designee will prepare and maintain records of serious violations of the District's discipline policy. Individual student records are available to school employees who are directly responsible for the student's education or who interact with the student in the performance of the employee's duties. In addition, such discipline records will be made available within five (5) days to any requesting school district where the student seeks to enroll.

The District will report, in compliance with state regulations, the number, duration of and reasons for expulsions and suspensions of more than ten (10) days. The Superintendent will also notify the appropriate division of the Juvenile court of the suspension for more than ten (10) days of any student under court jurisdiction.

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Last Updated: January 2003