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R 2760 Students in Foster Care

The District educational liaison for foster care children will serve in an advisory capacity to:

Dispute Resolution

Level I - A complaint regarding the best interest in regard to education services of a child in foster care shall first be presented orally and informally to the District's educational liaison for District foster children. If the complaint is not promptly resolved, the complainant may present a formal written complaint (grievance) to the educational liaison. The written charge must include the following: date of filing, description of alleged grievances, the name of the person or persons involved, and a recap of the action taken during the informal charge stage. Within five (5) working days after receiving the complaint, the liaison shall state a decision in writing to the complainant, with supporting evidence and reasons. In addition, the liaison will inform the Superintendent of the formal complaint and the disposition.

Level II - Within five (5) working days after receiving the decision at Level I, the complainant may appeal the decision to the Superintendent by filing a written appeals package. This package shall consist of the complainant's grievance and the decisions rendered at Level I. The Superintendent will arrange for a personal conference with the complainant at their earliest mutual convenience. Within five (5) working days after receiving the complaint, the Superintendent shall state a decision in writing to the complainant with supporting evidence and reasons.

Level III - If resolution is not reached in Level II, a similar written appeals package shall be directed through the Superintendent to the Board of Education requesting a hearing before the Board at the next regularly scheduled or specially called meeting. The hearing before the Board may be conducted in closed session upon the request of either the Board or the complainant. Within thirty (30) working days after receiving the appeals package, the Board shall state its decision and reply in writing to the parties involved. For District purposes, the decision of the Board of Education is final.

Level IV – If the complainant is dissatisfied with the action taken at Level III, the Complainant may appeal the decision to the State Education Agency point of contact.  Such appeal must be in writing and filed within five (5) days of Level III decision, and including:

  1. School in which enrollment is sought and the basis for seeking enrollment;
  2. Name and contact information for the parent or education decision-maker;
  3. Best Interest notes and reports;
  4. Copy of the previous appeal letter;
  5. Copy of the decision recommended at Level III.

The appeal letter must be submitted to the State point of contact as well as the District’s Superintendent.

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Board Approved Date: November 14, 2017
Last Updated: November 2017