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PRF 1440 Research Requests
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The following steps must be taken by the researcher:

  1. Obtain a copy of the District's policy statement on research requests.

  2. Present a letter of introduction and authentication from the responsible official, i.e., department chairman or above, of the institution of higher education or the professional organization.

  3. Submit a copy of the research proposal to include an outline of the research design, copies of the instruments to be used, and an outline or summary of techniques and procedures to be used in the study, including an anticipated date the District can expect a report of the findings.

  4. Obtain approval by the Superintendent/designee.

  5. Obtain approval from the principal(s) of the school (s) to be involved so that the District will be assured that data collecting will not in any way disrupt ongoing school programs.

  6. Obtain written permission from parents of children to be directly involved.

  7. Sign an agreement using the form provided by the Superintendent's office.
Last modified: January 01, 2003
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