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2000 Students
PRF 2110.0 Notice of Appeal/Request for an Impartial Due Process Hearing Under Section 504
PF 2150.0 Searches by School Personnel: Student Lockers
PF 2150.1 Searches by School Personnel: Parking Lots
PRF 2230.0 Residency Enrollment Checklist
PRF 2230.1 Request for Waiver of Proof of Residency
PRF 2230.2 Affidavit Regarding Prior Discipline
PRF 2400.0 FERPA Notice of Designation of Directory Information
PRF 2400.1 FERPA Educational Rights Annual Notification
PF 2650.0 Student Vehicle Use: Parking Lots and Searches
PF 2655.0 Bullying Incident Report Form
PRF 2662.0 Short Term Suspension Notice
PRF 2662.1 Short Term Suspension Notice - Request Additional Days
PRF 2662.2 Long Term Suspension Notice
PRF 2663.0 Notice of Expulsion Hearing
PRF 2671.0 Student Discipline Hearing Introduction
PRF 2671.1 Student Hearing Agenda
PRF 2671.2 Student Hearing Decision
PRF 2673.0 Agreement for Reporting Third Degree Assault
PRF 2760.0 Students in Foster Care
PRF 2760.1 Best Interest Determination for Foster Care School Placement Form
PRF 2760.2 Best Interest Determination for Foster Care School Placement Form (Word Version)
PF 2770.0 Seclusion and Restraint Incident
PRF 2785.0 Student Suicide Awareness
PF 2835.0 Affidavit - Consent to Medical Treatment and Educational Service
PRF 2850.0 School Year Immunization Requirements
PRF 2870.0 Permission to Self-Administer Medication
PRF 2870.1 Administering Medicines to Students
PRF 2920.0 Acknowledgement of Activity Rules and Guidelines
PF 2930.0 MSHSAA Concussion Return to Play Form
PF 2930.1 MSHSAA Return to Play (RTP) Procedures After a Concussion
PF 2930.2 MSHSAA Handout: A Fact Sheet for Parents and Athletes
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