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4000 Personnel Services
P 4110 Equal Opportunity Employment
PRF 4120 Employment Procedures
P 4121 Notice of Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF)
P 4125 Notice of Arrest, Abuse Complaint, Traffic Citation
PRF 4130 Certificated Staff Contracts
PF 4131 Extra Duty and Extended Duty Contracts
P 4140 Certificated Personnel Reemployment
P 4150 Substitute Teacher Employment
PR 4210 Transfer Request
PR 4220 Certificated Staff Duties, Schedules and Working Hours
PRF 4221 Support Staff Duties, Schedules and Working Hours
P 4310 General Attendance
PR 4320 Personnel Leave
PRF 4321 Family and Medical Leave
P 4330 Holidays and Vacation
P 4335 Employee Emergency Service
P 4410 General Professional Development
PR 4411 Professional Development Program
PR 4420 Conferences and Travel
P 4430 District Committees
PR 4440 Mentoring
PR 4505 Salary Schedules
P 4510 Benefits
P 4520 Salary Deductions
P 4525 Payment of Salary
P 4530 Workers' Compensation Benefits
PR 4540 Group Insurance Benefits
P 4550 Retirement Compensation
PF 4610 Certificated Personnel Performance Evaluation
P 4620 Support Staff Performance Evaluation
P 4630 Staff Conduct
P 4640 Teaching Standards
P 4650 Communication with Students by Electronic Media
P 4650-lite Communication with Students by Electronic Media
PR 4710 Resignation: Certificated Staff
P 4711 Resignation: Support Staff
P 4720 Suspension or Termination: Support Staff
PRF 4730 Non-renewal/Termination of Contract: Probationary Teacher
PRF 4731 Termination of Contract: Permanent Teacher
PR 4732 Termination of Employment: Administrators
PR 4740 Reduction in Force: Certificated Staff
PR 4741 Reduction in Force: Support Staff
P 4750 Administrative Leave
PRF 4810 Sexual Harassment
PR 4820 Employees with Communicable Diseases
PR 4830 Board/Staff Communications
P 4831 Collective Bargaining
PR 4840 Conflict of Interest
PR 4850 Staff Dispute Resolution
P 4860 Personnel Records
P 4870 Drug Free Workplace
PRF 4871 Driver Drug Testing
PF 4872 Alcohol and Illicit Drugs
P 4873 Staff Cell Phone Usage
P 4880 Use of District Property
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