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PRF 2760 Students in Foster Care
Student Welfare

The District educational liaison for foster care children will serve in an advisory capacity to:

  • Ensure and facilitate proper educational placement, enrollment in school, and checkout from school;
  • Assist foster care children when transferring from one school to another or from one school district to another, including, among other things, proper transfer of credit, records, and grades;
  • Request school records, as provided in Policy/Regulation 2230, within two (2) business days of placement of a foster care child in a District school;
  • Submit school records of foster care pupils within three (3) business days of receiving a request for school records from another School District as provided in Policy 2290; and
  • Facilitate access to student records to any child placing agency for the purpose of fulfilling education case management responsibilities required of the juvenile officer or by law and to assist with the school transfer or placement of a child under foster care.
Last modified: January 05, 2018
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