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2000 Students
P 2100 Nondiscrimination and Student Rights
PRF 2110 Equal Education Opportunity
P 2115 Transgender Students
P 2120 Students of Legal Age
P 2140 Marital, Parental Status of Students
PF 2150 Searches by School Personnel
P 2160 Interviews, Interrogation and Removal from School
PR 2170 Distribution of Noncurricular Publications by Students
P 2180 Pledge of Allegiance
PR 2200 Admission and Withdrawal
P 2210 Entrance Age
P 2220 Compulsory Attendance Ages
PRF 2230 Admission of Non-Tuition Students
PR 2240 Admission and Tuition - Nonresident Students
P 2245 Transfer Students
PR 2250 Admission of Exchange Students
P 2255 Disabled Students
PR 2260 Homeless Students
PR 2270 Migrant Students
P 2280 Admission of Home Schooled Students
P 2290 Denial of Admission and Student Withdrawal from School
PR 2310 Student Attendance
P 2315 Student Attendance - Excused Absences
PR 2320 Part-time Attendance
PR 2330 Student Early Dismissal Procedures
PR 2340 Truancy and Educational Neglect
PRF 2400 Student Educational Records
PR 2410 Health Information Records
P 2420 Recording of Meetings
PR 2520 Promotion and Retention
PR 2525 Graduation Requirements
P 2526 Constitution and American Civics Tests
P 2530 Graduation Requirements - Students with Disabilities
P 2540 Early Graduation
P 2550 Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment Scholarships
P 2600 Discipline
PR 2610 Misconduct & Disciplinary Consequences
PR 2620 Firearms and Weapons in School
P 2630 Closed Campus
P 2640 Student Use of Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs and Vapor Products
P 2641 Drug-Free Schools
PF 2650 Student Vehicle Use
P 2651 Student Dress
PR 2652 Student Conduct on Buses
PR 2653 Student Participation in Secret Organizations and Gangs
P 2654 Student Use and Care of School Property
PF 2655 Bullying
P 2656 Student Cell Phone Usage
PR 2660 Detention
P 2661 In-School Suspension
PRF 2662 Suspension
PRF 2663 Expulsion
PR 2664 Enrollment or Return Following Suspension and/or Expulsion
P 2670 Corporal Punishment: Prohibited
P 2670 Corporal Punishment: Authorized
PRF 2671 Student Discipline Hearings
PR 2672 Discipline of Students with Disabilities
PRF 2673 Reporting of Violent Behavior
PR 2710 Reporting Student Abuse
P 2720 Employment of Students/Work Certificate
P 2730 Supervision of Students
PR 2740 Student Safety
P 2742 Sexual Abuse Awareness Training
P 2745 Electronic Data Breach
PR 2750 Wellness
P 2755 Cardiopulmonary/Heimlich Training
PRF 2760 Students in Foster Care
P 2763 Temporary Alternative Placement Agreements
PR 2765 Transfer of Care and Custody
PF 2770 Seclusion and Restraint
P 2780 Use of Tracking Devices
PRF 2785 Student Suicide Awareness
P 2810 Counseling Services
P 2812 Identification of At-Risk Students
P 2815 Contact and Involvement with Outside Agencies
P 2820 Psychological Testing of Students
P 2825 ACT Administration
PR 2830 Health Services
PF 2835 Consent to Medical Treatment and Educational Service
P 2840 Student Accident Insurance
PRF 2850 Inoculations of Students
PR 2860 Students with Communicable Diseases
PRF 2870 Administering Medicines to Students
P 2871 Medical Marijuana
P 2874 Administering Opioid Antagonists
PR 2875 Student Allergy Prevention and Response
P 2876 Epilepsy/Seizure Disorder
P 2880 Student Physical Examination
P 2890 Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders
PR 2910 Student Publications
PRF 2920 Interscholastic Activities and Athletics
PR 2921 Participation by Non-Traditional Students
PF 2930 Concussions - Brain Injury
PR 2940 Student Group Use of School Facilities
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